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Evil Empire Round Up: Since What Does An Egg Hunt Have To Do With Jesus Christ Edition

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2011

Although Easter is long gone, what the heck does an egg hunt or the rabbit have to do with Jesus Christ?  Absolutely NOTHING!  It is the obvious promotion of political correctness gone wild of something that has NOTHING TO DO with the Christian version of Easter at all!  And worse off….the PC crowd slowly began this about a few years ago, it was only reported recently in the news!  America recently lost Superman on top of that, as he decided to follow Obama’s example in NOT supporting the Iranian protesters in a upcoming comic book.

The USA is slowly using its traditions…and the PC Crowd has been promoting the fundalmental change Obama has been saying even before he took office.  How about get back the Easter Egg Hunt to be called what it should be called, and likewise stop labeling the Easter Bunny the “Spring Bunny”.  None of the two have anything to do with Christianity, so it is absurd the PC Crowd are up and arms about it!  Next thing you know DC comics might do a comic strip of Superman defending some French Muslims who desire Sharia Law?

Here’s more on the Evil Empire Round Up:

  • It seems Iran is demanding the West via the United Nations to “respect” Sharia Law and Islam, but when it comes to bashing the Jewish state of Israel and supporting anti-Semites on their state-run television who live in the West, that’s okay.
  • Yet more cowardice from LoonWatch.com whom were not there when Iraqi Islamic terrorists began to behead their victims on camera….but when non-Muslims do the same they’re the first hypocrites to point it out…
  • Is it pathetic?  The Communist Party USA is covering-up a series of tornadoes that touched down various southern U.S. states resulting in the deaths of over 300 people….but the media was oddly nowhere to be found nor criticism of the White House being concern either following an obvious example of their lack of response or preperation during Katrina…but hey…notice how they don’t seem to care about the possible ethnic background of the victims of this natural disaster?
  • Is it me, or is Gaddafi getting desperate to have children do his work for him in begging the West to stop bombing his government?  Maybe there might be an obvious reason why Western governments are agreeing for Gaddafi to promote a possible truce…just what country would Gaddafi take up residence?  Zimbabwe…Venezuela….Nicaragua….all three are totalitarian dictatorships.
  • And speaking of the Iranian-state run media promoting Gaddafi’s propaganda….they are also trying to promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about who killed Robert F. Kennedy Sr., for which the lone assassin supported the Palestinian cause but has since changed his story to suggest he was either “brainwashed” or under CIA mind control….and the Iranian state-run media just doesn’t seem to mind to promote it….
  • It seems the DC authors of Superman are trying to do some damage control after the latest issue of Superman renouncing his U.S. citizenship, the authors claimed that he’d “always be an American icon”.  Gee…why the day wait reply knowing you’d get these responses?  Is it obvious the far left wants the USA to lose its identity then deny it?

And ending this Evil Empire Round Up, why is it that Noam Chomsky and the Hollywood Left are involved with each other?  It’s no wonder why the name of Easter Egg Hunt or the Easter Bunny have changed to the Spring Egg Hunt or the Spring Bunny, likewise with Christmas holiday season being replaced as the Winter Holiday season.  Really, what the hell does a Christmas tree have to do with Jesus Christ’s birthday?  The two are completely unrelated to each other!  Likewise what does the Easter Bunny have to do with his resurrection?

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