Zionism's Survival: Surviving Under The Coming Nazi Regime

Details the rise of Anti-Semitism Under The New Form "Anti-Zionism"; Revival of Nazism Under Reinvented Terms

Surprise! Alex Jones Facilitates John Loftus Who Promoted Bush Nazi Family Lies And Also Has Connections To Those Within Western Intel With Allege Russian Mobster Ties!

Posted by mah29001 on April 27, 2011

Oh indeed, Alex Jones and his buddies like Kurt Nimmo just do not seem to mind praising John Loftus who is also making up another lie that Islamic terrorists are being trained by British intelligence circles….John Loftus who runs The Intelligence Summit, which is also run by his friend Michael Cherney, who is a former member of the Soviet Red Army, who is also an allege penetrator into Israeli intelligence, and also has ties to the Russian Mafia which has ties back to the Kremlin!

Hmm….why DOES it seem like Alex is focused on making Britain or his own government look guilty of supporting Islamic terrorism?  Versus Russia helping Iran and the Palestinian cause which are clearer signs of that?  Nope….Alex sure knows when to look for those who’d be affiliated with disinformation affiliated with the Kremlin….

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