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Britain = Islamic Occupied Government?

Posted by mah29001 on November 30, 2010

No…there is no ZOG either here in the USA or in Britain…however…there is a possibility that there is a higher chance that Britain and the USA could become an Islamic Occupied Government.  Why?  When incidents like this one become more common…

One Response to “Britain = Islamic Occupied Government?”

  1. themadjewess said

    Right, MOG, BOG & COG.
    Bolshevik leftists

    THAT is the REAL threat, not patriots in Israel that are Zionists.
    I dont know where these moonbats get this junk about the “ZOG”
    Remember that man, a Kahanist that stood up to Rahm Emmanuel and called him an Anti-semite?

    Isnt THAT strange…the Jew hating slime considers Emmanuel to be a “Zionist” but when confronted by a REAL one, the Israeli govt had the patriot arrested.

    Of course, you will NEVER hear that story on a Jew haters website, because they are too sick with insane paranoia to see the truth.

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