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Why Is Nazism Still Popular In Germany? Hint: It’s Coming From Former Communist East Germany

Posted by mah29001 on September 30, 2010

And of course people say that there is “no connections” between Nazism and Communism.  But it appears that the mainstream media indeed has to admit to why Nazism is becoming popular again in Germany is that it is coming from the former East German Communist side of Germany!  Yes…indeed…CNC admits that East German youths are drawn to the neo-Nazi movement…and more likely some of their parents whom were Communists when East German was part of the Soviet Union RESENTED reunification with Western Germany.

In other words…the rise of neo-Nazism is a backlash against unification.  Members of the National Democratic Party acquire many former East German Communists as their members…even some of them have come from the German Red Brigades whom were active during the Cold War in sabotaging and instigating terrorism against Western Europe sponsored by the Soviets.  In other words…these neo-Nazis in Germany that are from former East Germany are just recycled old school East German Communists turned anti-Semitic Nazis.

No wonder why Nazism is on the rise again in Germany…


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