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Uh Oh: Top Judge In Macedonia Accused Of Working For The Yugoslav Secret Police

Posted by mah29001 on September 30, 2010

Oh yes…we are all suppose to believe that Communism is dead…but it seems the ghosts of the Cold War are here to stay…as it turns out a top judge in Macedonia has been accused of being an informant for the Yugoslav secret police back when Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia being run by the Yugoslav Reds. However…why is it that Yugoslav secret police informants are appointed to high positions to the highest benches of the land in countries like Macedonia whom were overtly once ruled by Communism?

Well…one has to look no further than the “non”-Communists in charge. According to the profile of Macedonia’s President Gjorge Ivanov, he was a member of the youth wing of the Yugoslav Communist Party. Unlike his counter part, the current Prime Minister’s profile of Nikola Gruevski shows he has little pro-Communist activity within his profile. The Prime Minister’s own party known as the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization is said to be made up of exiles whom were against Communism. However, in spite of the party being described as right-wing…in its original party name had some socialist influences within the party itself when it was first founded.

But why again did it take so long for Macedonia to out Yugoslav secret police informants now on the top positions in the court system for Macedonia?


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