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Why Is The Working Families Party Is Being Praised By A Communist Front Group?

Posted by mah29001 on September 28, 2010

Oh indeed…the Working Families Party which is well known to be affiliated with the far left labor movements including the defunct ACORN group is indeed running candidates in a number of states trying to depict these candidates to be a third party. Even though ACORN and the other far left labor groups have well known to fund the Democratic Party and its leadership. Oh…aside from that the Coalition for Free and Open Elections well known to have “non”-Leftist parties like the Libertarian and Constitutional Parties as members is also supporting the Working Families Party’s cause too.

It should note that Ramsey Clark, a leading American Communist endorsed the Coalition for Free and Open Elections, along with late Communist Party USA member Si Gerson, who headed the organization when he was alive.  Why are the Democrats spending like crazy when they have their big labor lobbiests like those in the Working Families Party telling them to do so?

It seems quite the obvious…the American Reds want to take over…and they got a new political system prepared just right for the American voter…


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