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A British YouTube Jihadi Lectures Pat Condell On Tolerance…

Posted by mah29001 on September 26, 2010

Oh just “wonderful” a YouTube Jihadi who goes by the screen name of xanderkhaan had this to say of Pat Condell’s denial of Islamophobia:

“god u r sooooooooo ignorant just an old man who hasnt got laid yet watching fox news invading other pples countries stealing their oil and gas using depleted uranim killing 2 m in firts iraq war 1 mill children with santions and now 2 mill in iraq not mentioning afganistan and then vilyfing them in the media so its an excuse so u can kill more lol – A SAD PATHETIC OLD MAN TRING TO FIND SOMETHING TO FIGHT AND FIND AN PURPOSE – PATHETIC”

And apparently this fella indeed supports the Islamic insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan…while ignoring their goals for conquest…


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