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Nazi Who? WizardKing78 Promotes Nazi Propaganda

Posted by mah29001 on September 23, 2010

It’s quite indeed strange that the 9/11 “Truth” crowd along with also your run of the mill anti-Semites can try to have it both ways…seems like a friend of igorvasilevsky who goes by the screen name of WizardKing78 made this pro-Nazi comment:

“I think LaRouche was eluding to the powerful British (Jewish) bankers, the Rothschilds, who own the Federal Reserve and most of America’s debt. Their puppet, Obama, is now set on bankrupting the US completely by piling on trillions more in debt whilst crippling industry with such measures as cap-and-trade. Every household’s share of the national debt is now over half a million dollars.

Half a million dollars!”

No wonder Igor seems to be blathering about Jews…since he himself believes in Nazi crap but is the first hypocrite to try to point out how the USA supported the Nazis…while ignoring Soviet support for the Nazis.  Never mind he’s recycling much of their propaganda and paling around with Jew-haters similar to his taste like WizardKing78 an outright Jew-hater whom is too stupid to see that he’s promoting Nazi propaganda on the Rothchilds…

…strange thing….the Americanized Bible of Nazi propaganda known as the Turner Diaries also promotes the same dribble that Lyndon LaRouche has promoted which is what these nutcases are supporting.

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