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So How Should The USA Solve Its Problem Of Urban Coyotes?

Posted by mah29001 on August 31, 2010

It’s becoming quite more prevelant in major American cities that more coyotes whom mostly reside in the wilderness are coming to the big cities…many of them are mistaken for run-away domesticated dogs.  Is it possible that these coyotes whom are more urbanized should be domesticated?  Dogs originally came from wolves whom were in the wild that found their way to early human civilizations.

Likewise…coyotes are heading down the same road.  They’re even interbreeding with the domesticated dog after all…their species are very similar.

The only people who might oppose it might be “animal welfare” activists like those in PETA…one can only guess why some of them have gone berserk into going against man’s best friend or the domesticated cat.  The concept from groups like PETA is quite dangerous that man should go back to nature…and leave its civilization in ruins.


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