Zionism's Survival: Surviving Under The Coming Nazi Regime

Details the rise of Anti-Semitism Under The New Form "Anti-Zionism"; Revival of Nazism Under Reinvented Terms

More Nuttiness From Philip Giraldi, Ron Paul’s 2008 Foreign Policy Adivser

Posted by mah29001 on August 31, 2010

No wonder Ron Paul says the same thing.  For PaulBots…their anti-Semitism always translates “neo-Conservatives” into those whom just so happen to be pro-Israel.  Here’s another question to ask Philip Giraldi…if “neo-Conservatives” were really helping Israel…why would they give Iraq to Iran which they’re doing by pulling out most of U.S. troops from Iraq?

But it would seem the PaulBots don’t seem to care about their obvious Jew-hating paranoia to see it.

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