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Wills Carto’s Neo-Fascist American Free Press Endorses G20/G8 Rioters!

Posted by mah29001 on June 30, 2010

This was linked from Wills Carto’s notorious America Free Press, well known to side with a variety of the USA’s own far left.  They oddly enough linked the left-wing/far left Alertnet.org to their own website.  Alternet.org, along with other far left sites and groups alike have been siding with the G20/G8 rioters, and then skew reports that went on during Toronto.  The local police could barely keep the peace, and the protesters even purposely attempted to provoke further violent confrontations with police as well.

Funny…Alex Jones also seems to side with these protesters, and so does the Communist Party USA which endorsed them at the US Social Forum.  How odd is it?  That the “patriot” movement in the USA agrees with the far left?  Along with your run of the mill neo-Fascists and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, and fearmongers?

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