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Gordon Duff Reveals More Of His Anti-Zionist Mental Issues…

Posted by mah29001 on June 30, 2010

…yes…he’s promoting a favorite conspiracy theory promoted by Hamas-al-Qaeda linked Council on American-Islamic Relations which its leaders suggested during the South Park, Mohammad incident that Islamic terrorism is really being “promoted” by Jews whom are pro-Israel.  Really….what sort of an imbecile would believe that?

What kind of proof do they have?  So RevolutionMuslim.com was found by convertees from Judaism to Islam…so Adam Gadahn is a convertee from Judaism to Islam…so what?  Gordon Duff apparently is too stupid to care.  He’s fallen for a classic, typical conspiracy theory promoted by phony Muslim moderates whom are suggesting the same lie.

So what if Adam Gadahn was a former Hindu whom converted to Islam or a former Christian?  Would Gordon Duff be this downright, stupid and paranoid about it?  Obviously not…it’s always those “evil” Zionist Jews whom are “behind” everything.  Only an equal imbecile believing in the Protocols of Zion would probably agree with Duff on that.

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