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Dev Samael Daval, One Evil Black Neo-Nazi

Posted by mah29001 on May 13, 2010

Oh…and not only that on his YouTube account titled NationalPopularism, he’s overtly an admirer of Adolf Hitler. And also in a Marxist-like tone he also lists some of his closet hateful bigot friends to be “cormades” such as YouTuber known as PanFascist85 whom aside from being a proponent of Nazism and Fascism is also a proponent for the Palestinian cause.

This black National Socialist is also friends with many Communists like 1949FUCKUSA, a supporter of totalitarian Communist government of China, and a general proponent of Communism in Asia. Aside from that from being friends of run of the mill Communist and neo-Nazis, he’s also friends with 9/11 “Truthers” such as bradleyc79 whom has stupidly put his full name and email in full view. He happily endorses all of Alex Jones’ misinformation on 9/11 and also promotes the “Planet X” conspiracy theory.

Isn’t this the obvious?  Neo-Nazis, Communists and self-hating American “Truthers” are just one bunch of unholy Obvious Traitors.


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