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Alex Jones And His Fan Base Are Pure Evil

Posted by mah29001 on February 27, 2010

Why do I have to be so blunt at stating this?  I for one have had it with Alex Jones and his fan base crowd whom lied about stating how the U.S. government caused the Haitian earthquake.

Now it seems they are saying the same BS lies about the one in Chile.  They are evil…for the first and foremost reason they are exploiting a tragedy that has always happened by mother nature, via plate tectonics.  The new Church of Anti-Americanism which Jones and his evil ilk belong to believe the USA controls the world, and is responsible for ALL major natural disasters, from Katrina, the tsunami that happened in Indonesia.

They are pure evil because they would exploit a situation like this where real people are suffering for their own benefit.  Evil.  Evil, evil!

In addition to this monstrosity, it seems the Iranian government is also promoting anti-HAARP misinformation.  I guess the Iranians are HAARPing to hope these idiots would help their cause.

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