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Another Jew-Hater Threatening The President?

Posted by mah29001 on December 30, 2009

Sure, I’m no fan of the President or his policies, but this comment really caught my attention.  When replying to the comments of Senator Max Baucus being allegedly drunk on the Senate floor, one comment struck me but here’s the catch, if Lefties believe neo-Nazis or white supremacists are “right-wing” why did this obvious Jew-hater who goes by the screen name of NiccaPleeze made this obvious comment:

“heyjude104 Obams the mass murderer of millions of Americans by not supporting the Public Option! And he’s War Criminal #1 for the slaughter of Muslims world wide by his Jewish controlled inner circle of Rahm , Axelrod, and geithner who answer to Soros! Obams murdering of the polar bears by not gettin a climate change agrrement ! Impeach obama the stooge of Global corporate business!”

And not only that, this pervert also believes there are nude photos of the President on the web too:

“Have you seen the nude pictures of Obammys mom on the web ? Just Google it ! Its her in the nude !”

This kind of rhetoric was quite common against Dubya when he was in office.  Now his overtly left-wing counterpart Obama is receiving the same treatment.  Why be a compassionate Conservative or be a somewhat overtly Leftist President?  Just be a Capitalist President and really piss off these no life morons for good.  Also note how the fella also wants government run health care, and says the current health bill isn’t enough.


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