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Comrade Igor Vasilevsky Hearts Comrade Dennis

Posted by mah29001 on September 29, 2009

It seems a certain ignorant YouTuber, seems to enjoy promoting fellow traveler Dennish Kucinich on having the USA surrender to resurgence of return of Russia becoming a Communist state once more.

What’s more, Ignor uses typical Marxist rhetoric to describe the USA to be “Fascist”:

“More politicians like Dennis, more stability and friendship in US-Russia relations.

Very sadly that it’s impossible in fascist USA today.”

Even though Comrade Dennis happily promotes further government control over every basic thing in American life. Gee, how the hell is that anti-Fascist? You tell me.  Typically enough, Igor’s the same nut whom also was conned to believing the BS by Alex Jones.  Even though when Igor’s favorite boy Putin was going to replace Yeltin, Jones in his Y2K rant stating Putin was going to nuke the USA.

I guess Alex may end up getting more than he bargained for when he went into the conspiracy industry for profit.

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