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Another Pro-Palestinian YouTuber Calls For Genocide Against Israel

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

Typical, typical.  It sounds like there are more pro-Palestinian YouTubers that deserve their fifteen seconds of shame.  Comes the case of YouTuber GoGoPalestine whom has liberally expressed the desire to see a second holocaust against the Jewish state of Israel along with accusing the Zionists of being Nazis.  Even though there happens to be a YouTube Nazi known as MetallicaSucksNow seems to enjoy the usage of Adolf Hitler as part of the image of the background.

How typical that MetallicaSucksNow would certainly agree with GoGoPalestine’s genocidal assertions:

“We are going to the freedom, doesn’t matter how much it will cost we are not gonna ask any one for our freedom ….we gonna take it, It’s our rights.

How do you feel if some stole your land. your house, killing children and women from your family. more than 11,000 in jail under arrest without case, siege around your area with no food no medecins, not allowed to go to the hospitals, and school.

If you don’t have an Idea about Palestine and IsraHell just read the real history and see who is the bad boy…. who killed the children and women in cold blood and then you will know the truth…

Our fight against the Devil against the people who don’t care about killing stealing, our enemy is not a human, Zionist and IsraHell is the cancer of the world,ZIONESTS ARE THE NEW NAZI’S.”

For those whom lecture Jews to being the new Nazis, but willing to wage war to destroy their state.  Look in the mirror.  Palestine it seems is being abused in this manner as a modern day German Sudetenland.

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