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A National Socialist (Nazi) Agrees With Typical 9/11 “Truth” Propaganda

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

Isn’t this quite interesting.  That a National Socialist (Nazi) would agree with this loaded lie of how Israelis were “dancing” on 9/11 but ignore reports of PLO forces happening to celebrate the terrorist events along with PLO-trained Hezbollah in Lebanon.  The neo-Nazi in question whom embraced this kind of propaganda goes by the YouTube screen name YouCheckmate whom has liberally endorsed this brand of disinformation.

Hmm, no wonder a certain Richard Poplawski happily went to 9/11 “Truth” sites such as PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com to promote Alex Jones’ disinformation.

Besides YouCheckmate, the YouTube neo-Nazi believing in this disinformation, fellow National Socialist going by the screen name of TheSilvaBuIlitt also promotes the anti-Semitic libel.  TheSilvaBuIlitt exposes himself to be a rabid Leftist from the country of South Africa.  He promotes rabidly anti-Semitic libel, and endorses a second holocaust against the Jews.  Oddly enough, TheSilvaBuIlitt pretends to be favoring a two-state solution but really is for the one state solution-a Palestinian state controlled by Fatah and Hamas, with Israel being destroyed in the process.  That is certainly a game of deception that these neo-Nazi Palestinian “activists” are certainly promoting.

Here’s an ironic comment by TheSilvaBuIlitt whom denies that he’s a hater, but lauds typical anti-Semitic libel against Jews:

“The JEWS on YoueTube depict people with my views (broadly speaking) as being ‘racist’ and being a ‘hater’. I am not a ‘hater’ because I’m prepared to accept converts to my beliefs from wherever they come. The followers of Judaism are the REAL HATERS because they hold themselves seperate from the rest of humanity, whom they openly reject as being SUBHUMAN – according toi the meaning of the word used in the Talmud, ‘GOYIM’ – which means ‘Cattle’.”

So what’s the problem here, is that TheSilvaBuIlitt has been caught in a lie.  He claims to be not a hater, but promotes libel anyway against the Jews.  How hapless, yet also not a big surprise that someone like him would also promote anti-Semitic libel against Jews being “behind” 9/11 as well.  But besides TheSilvaBuIlitt, this anti-Semite seems to be making friends with fellow anti-Semite Uvefailed whom believes that Jews are “like” the National Socialists.  Even though National Socialists would agree with Uvefailed and TheSilvaBuIlitt

How is it quite hapless that the far left, along with open National Socialists would agree?  Besides open Nazis and anti-Israel advocates pushing how Jews were “involved” in 9/11.  Amiri Baraka, open black Communist and member of the Communist front group Black Radical Congress had openly endorsed this brand of anti-Semitic disinformation.

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