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A Jew Hater Admits World Should Be Without Jews

Posted by mah29001 on April 30, 2009

Apparently it seems that westthea whom attempts to “debate” your resident blogger here outright lies and promtes revisionism in order to fit his anti-Semitic worldly point of view.   You westthea, you agree with the bunch of Jew-haters out there.  You spin Bible prophecy to hate the Jews, and then claim that you’re fighting against non-Jews whom converted to Judaism.  But still promote classic anti-Semitic leanings anyway.

It’s this reason why I don’t trust why should the U.S. government be continuing to push for “peace” with those whom refuse to recognize an U.S. ally’s right to exist.  When you get supporters for Palestine whom act like how westthea acts in promoting rabid anti-Semitic rantings and then justifying Palestinian terrorism.  Then also accusing Israel of “being behind” that terrorism yet still in some bizarre wacky world defend the terrorists.

Pathetic.  Really westthea, I pitty Palestinian terrorist apologists like you.  You don’t even care that you’re going to be on the wrong side of history.  Hopefully when G-d judges your soul, you’d have second thoughts on what you’ve done.  I didn’t see people like you attack Hamas or Hezbollah’s rocket attacks or the number of suicide bombings prior to the Israelis setting up that “apartheid” wall.

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  2. westthea said


    I see you continue to misrepresent the truth much like many followers of Rabbi Rashi’s teachings.


    Mah, the reality is that your lack of depth in knowledge does not allow you to debate with me. Making straight that which some of those of your ideological belief has made crooked is in need of revision. I am here to do that.


    Mah, hate destroys the persons who embraces it. You should try to be honest with yourself and look at the terrible things some of your top leaders have done and some continue to do. Is it not hateful when someone as renown among your people as Rabbi Rashi writes such things as all that Africans own belong to your group and that all black people were to be slaves to your people? Perhaps you would dare deny he wrote these things, or better yet, you will attempt to ignore these critical facts. If we were to study more of the writings of Rashi, we would find that he said some very terrible things about all blacks which preceded the creation of the Nazis of Germany, the skinheads, and KKK. We could conclude that he was the archetype of these groups which would surely confuse some people.


    There is no “spin” to the fact that Genesis 10 of the Bible/Torah indicates the Ashkenazim are not Jews but usurpers and proselytes to the Judaic faith. They have not lineage in Abraham, Isaac/Jacob. You cannot counter this point. Again, no spin just the truth. Out of Ashkenaz we have “Gog and Magog”. The Ashkenazim originated from areas around what was the former Soviet Union. Ashkenazim originates from the biblical Ashkenaz in Genesis 10, son of Gomer and grandson of Japheth, the Gentile. Why then do some of you call other whites Goy? It is like the proverbial kettle calling the pot black. You are what you call others. One more time, no spin just the truth.


    As I have said before, drop the nonsense of “they don’t recognize my right to exist”. You exist, the European created state of Israel exist. Find peace, get with President Obama’s plan for peace and for a state of Palestine which DOES NOT exist.


    Mah, like your fathers, you lie as if it is the air you breath. As I said to you before, you are not semitic which means Afro-Asiatic. Therefore, the term anti-semitic is a misnomer and you and others should become academically correct. I propose anti-Ashkenazim. Even then that would not represent me because I am anti-lies. There is no justification for Ashkenazim terrorism and no justification for suicide bombings. Again, find peace, embrace peace.


    I am not alone in concluding that the Israeli government and the Zionist mechanisms are behind much terrorism, even from its very beginnings predating the League of Nations creation of the European state of Israel. The UN and now the US is demanding that Israel cease from its repulsive behavior. This includes the illegal settlements, the blockades. Even the Vatican has spoken against Israel’s terrible behavior. You will find few today who will buy into the “terrorist” line promoted as a means of maintaining the status quo.


    It is not you who can foretell of what is to be. I tell you on this day that there shall be a Palestinian state within the next 5 years.


    You do not know the “God” you speak of. It is I who shall judge you and those like you.


    As I said, find peace, the pity party and decades of sucking on the American teats are over.

    T. West

    • mah29001 said

      Blah, blah, blah. How ironic that you seem to use the Vatican as your excuse to promote your anti-Israel view points. The Vatican should talk as it was responsible for the persecution of Jews during the Medevial Period, as well as waging wars in the name of Christianity to reconquer former Christian lands taken by the newly formed Islamic hordes.

      The Vatican follows the Communtiarian line of proposing the false illusion of there’s going to be a two-state solution as what every U.S. President since Gerald Ford have been pushing. The fact that you have the gall to suggest two libelous claims that Olmert “controlled” former President George W. Bush and that Israel “created” Hamas is quite well laughable.

      The founder of Hamas was a graduate of the Al-Azhar Unviersity, a known radical university in the hands of the Egyptian government responsible for training mostly future terrorists. Most notable graduate of the Al-Azhar University is also the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, along with also another graduate founder of Egypt’s Fascist Wafd Party, which a certain Gamal Nasser was a former member of the party before splitting to form his Free Officers Movement.

      You don’t come here to debate, rather you come here to discredit the cause which I support and that’s supporting Israel. Jews have historical claim to their homeland. Since you like bashing Jews for having the claim, along with attacking non-Jews whom are converts to Judaism. Apparently your little African disporsa is quite a big myth.

      Modern African states came out of the old territories that were carved up by the colonial powers, and only a few African nations have held claim to being a nation state. To name some at the top of my head-Egypt, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. As for also the African slave trade, slavery was there on the African continent prior to white European colonialists coming to the African continent. The white Europeans simply upgraded slavery to a whole new degree, unlike what African tribes whom held slaves from war didn’t do.

      Yet many of those African tribes sold their POW slaves to their white European counterparts. You always seem to be fixed on race, and when there happens to be a movement you don’t like say those whom support Israel as a good example, you blab about how it’s not right for Jews to claim their historical land given them by G-d, that they always held some presence in that particular part of the world.

    • mah29001 said

      Tell me also westthea, have you ever heard of such a law crafted by the Palestinian Authority which states that Palestinian Arabs can not sell land to their Jewish neighbors? A Palestinian Arab man was sentenced to death for selling land to his Jewish neighbors.

      I don’t hear people like you complain about something like that. All you go about and do is criticize and bash Israel on whatever level you can. You don’t care that you’re handing the Palestinians and Israeli Jews a government that would be quite totalitarian to them. I’d personally consider that particular law as an apartheid law by the Palestinian Authority.

      Meanwhile, while the Palestinian Authority/PLO creates a real apartheid system, you cowardly sit behind your high armchair and state how I don’t debate with you. Even while you throw ad hominen attacks at me, and trying to discredit my people’s right to have their own land.

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