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Did Israel Really Create Hamas?

Posted by mah29001 on April 29, 2009

It’s rather quite amusing and sad to see those whom demonize Israel to also accuse Israel of “creating” Hamas.  But it seems like it’s all a big lie.  Israel had nothing to do with creating Hamas.  Hamas was a creation on the part of the Muslim Brotherhood organization based in Egypt.  But not only does Hamas has very close ties with Egypt, Fatah’s own forces have been caught supporting Hamas.

Such as Yasser Arafat mourning the death of Hamas’ founder after he was killed by an Israeli missle.  Along with also the most rabid haters of Israel coming out to condemn the Jewish state for killing the Hamas founder.  If Israel created Hamas, why would all of Israel’s critics come out to defend the terrorist organization?  The same critics also defend Hamas when it came into power in Gaza, via elections such as in the same manner the National Socialist German Workers’ Party did.  The National Socialists like Hamas used democracy to come into power.  But the National Socialist Program which was the manifesto of the Nazi Party was certainly not compatible with what a democratic/Republic society would fit well with.

Hamas’ own charter likewise doesn’t fit well with the compatability of what a real free society looks like.  Many Hamas leaders have touted the promotion of the contraversial Sharia Law which demands to incorporate women to be forced into servitude by their male counterparts.  There has also been reports that Palestinian Christians face discrimination even more so under Hamas than they did with Fatah.  Ironically, Fatah is also secretly helping the terrorist group persecute the Palestinian Christians.  Guess which nation the Palestinian Christians would flee to?  Israel of course.

Hamas wants a state similar on the lines on what the Taliban offered to Afghanistan, a totalitarian Islamic state.  Quite outrageous that the same critics of Israel would be more than happy enough to embrace it.  It would seem that Israel could one day be replaced with a corrupt Islamo-Marxist government of Palestine in the near future.

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