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Workers’ World Party Exploits Truth And Recounciliation Commission Of South Korea To Favor Stalinist North Korean Dictatorship

Posted by mah29001 on April 21, 2009

Isn’t it interesting to find the Workers’ World Party shilling for the South Koraen version of the Truth and Recounciliation Commission?  The hapless Communist party doesn’t want this commission to obviously investigate crimes by the Communist-controlled North Korea.  But instead, they hijack the Truth and Recounciliation Commission to boost how South Korean strongman Syngman Rhee was “worse” than a certain Kim Il-Sung.

Really, is there no way that the far left can justify their cause?  Though one can regard Rhee to be a horrible dictator, he was nowhere near compared to the brutality which the Korean Workers’ Party have brought upon the two Koreas.  Even the ruling Communist party to the North desires to subvert the two Koreas into one neo-Communist state.  Having their Western subversives hijack these Truth and Recounciliation Commissions would likely be used as a way to justify Korea to become a neo-Communist state in the future.


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