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Hapless Sex Offender And Apologists Attack Mark Lunsford, Rob Taylor

Posted by mah29001 on April 4, 2009

It’s just so amazing to see the forces of the far left lie their behinds away to state how Rob Taylor, owner of Red-Alerts.com is “lying” about Mark Lunsfor having child porn.  Problem is no major media outlets at all ever mention that Mr. Lunsford had that stuff on his computer.  Rather this is quite a lie promoted by a convicted Georgia-based sex offender Michael James Gregg whom complains how “mean” Mr. Taylor has that he is now exposed as an outright liar.

Another hapless supporter of Gregg’s little lie is the blogspot user Clay Keys (posing as Stiches77), whom has outright displayed the poor dead child’s photo of Jessica Lunsford as an avatar.  The author states that she is doing this to “show” how the current laws on the books are “no good” for registered sex offenders.  Rather in an overtly Leftist manner, Keys copies the very tactics of Leftist/Communist “legal” front groups into stating how outright violent criminals including sex offenders should have more rights than their victims.

Keys likely opposes Jessica’s Law [because Keys’ a registered sex offender] which would likely be no doubt tougher on registered sex offenders.  Especially if they happen to target children.  Maybe that’s why a registered Georgian-based sex offender Mr. Gregg is so upset about.

I’m sure trial lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Lawyers Guild are more than happy to help out these degenerate Useful Idiots.

3 Responses to “Hapless Sex Offender And Apologists Attack Mark Lunsford, Rob Taylor”

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  2. azustitches77 said

    I would like to clarify for you about Stitches77. *I* am the REAL Stitches77 and I write for http://absolutezerounited.blogspot.com/. Here is my profile http://www.blogger.com/profile/17700605

    I am an anti-pedophile blogger. The Stitches77 you have linked in your article is a registered sex offender named Clay Keys you can read more about him here http://wikisposure.com/Tsand He goes by the name “tsand” and he has been using my nickname for a year now while using a photo of Jessica Lunsford as his avatar and attempting to blame parents of victims for the crimes committed against their children.

  3. The worst part is that the author of that blog is using the name of a famous anti-Pedophile activist to put this up. The Author is a 48 year old sex offender who usually goes by the name “Tsand” and after the real Stiches exposed him he set up a blog to discredit the whole online child advocate community.

    According to research he maintains several MySpace accounts where he pretends to be a girl. He’s really typical of these people.

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