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A Leftie Responds To A Video Attacking Bobby Jindal For Being Somewhat Fiscally Responsible; Uses Racist Tones Against Indians

Posted by mah29001 on March 15, 2009

It’s always interesting that the far left whom shilled for Obama accused anyone whom criticized the man of being a “racist” just because he happens to be black.  Well, now comes a YouTuber Leftie going by the user name of asuperdemo1, whom is being upset that Jindal at least is being somewhat fiscally responsible in not using part of the “stimulus” money for the unemployed in his state.

Here are asuperdemo1’s horrible, and quite frankly racist comments about Indians:

“This ignorant snake charmin motherfucker just shot his untouchable Indian curry eatin ass in the foot. “

Apparently, if there had been a critic of Obama during the 2008 election campaign whom would make a similar comment about blacks, I’m sure MSM would be all over that particular critic in question.  Yet here, it seems that a rabid Leftist like asuperdemo1 can be able to promote racist comments about Indians, when Bobby Jindal at least tries to be fiscally responsible.

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