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What Happens When Conservatives And Rightists Are Hoodwinked By David Brooks?

Posted by mah29001 on February 26, 2009

It seems like Conservatives in general are being hoodwinked by David Brooks, whom recently attacked Bobby Jindal’s speech.  While your resident blogger thought the Governor’s speech was good, perhaps the audio should have been better so that he can deliever it.  Yet this has not stopped Brooks from even managing to hoodwink Rightist blogs such as Hot Air, and also other right-wing pundits.  But here’s where Brooks’ alteral motives get a bit suspicious here.

He’s asking for the Republican Party to move away from its ideological base, and abandon the values of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater.  So what’s Brooks’ solution?  Be more like the Democrats whom have been subverted over to the point where their Blue Dog counterparts can not get any fair share?  Apparnetly, it seems to Brooks, that’s just alright for Republicans to be more overtly like far left Democrats.  Aside from that, there are also allegations that Brooks might be privately anti-Semitic as he referred the CFR-sponsored Project for the New American Century to be the “Yiddish Trilateral Commission”.

If Brooks has indeed a better solution than Obama, and can deliever it better than Jindal, where the heck is HIS solution?

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