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Australia Goes The Road Of Internet Censorship Close To Communist China; Was One Of The Many Places Anti-Bush Folk Wished To Move To

Posted by mah29001 on October 31, 2008

Now here’s something so typical of what a socialist leader would do.  In Australia’s poor case, Kevin Rudd, the current Prime Minister has authorized the censorship of Australian Internet.  I have often heard from various anti-Bush types that when George W. Bush won his second election, Australia was a country on the list of the many other nations they were going to move to but really never packed up their bags at all.

Funny thing here, Australia is evolving more like how Communist China censors its Internet.  Can we expect a possible Obama Administration to bring about this brand of “change”?  Let’s hope not.  But it’d bring interest to why it seems that anti-Bush folks wanted to move toward a country that would end up being less free, than the USA under Bush.

Now that’s pure irony to all those whom laud the “fascist” label to George W. Bush, but say nothing about when their other favorite nations they’d wish to live in make a move like this.  Hypocrisy?  I’m sure it is.

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