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The concept mostly promoted by Western Leftists, and sometimes rabid Marxist radicals into demanding that Western nations be more tolerant of non-Western cultures and religions. “Mutliculturalist” ideologues often ignore the rise of extremist behavior among non-Western cultures and religions they protect. Self-described Islamic radicals and also Hispanic racialists are good examples of this.

Islam The Religion Of Bigots Strikes Again In Opposing Bill Maher To Attend UC Berekely

Posted by mah29001 on October 29, 2014

It’s very typical of these “moderate” Muslims to be so outraged with Bill Maher’s comments about how Islam is just like a mafia out to get you.  Well he might indeed be right on that as the “moderate” Muslims and their Leftist counterparts are indeed out to get him.  The Religion of Bigots recently accused Maher of being part of a “Christian conspiracy theory” to convert the Middle East, the way they promote it is that they accuse him of aligning himself with Ann Coulter but he doesn’t apparently support the wars in the Middle East so how can that be the case with the “moderate” Muslim claim?

Maher isn’t a Christian, and he isn’t interested in promoting a real Crusade against the Religion of Bigots whom have been massacring Christians daily in Syria and in Iraq along with other minorities that are not like them.  The fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the global terrorism and on the home front making up bigoted conspiracy theories about their opponents exposes that they’re not interested in debate about their religion at all.

The Religion of Bigots should talk about their bigotry when it comes to their hatred for anyone else not a Muslim in countries like Thailand, China, Russia, Israel, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, the Central African Republic and so forth.  They whine and cite any non-Muslim militia group that commits atrocities as a cover almost on a routine basis, but they’d purposely ignore how there are Islamic supremacist groups that are the cause for the rise of these non-Muslim groups such as an example in Burma and in Sri Lanka they complain about radical Buddhists but they ignore how Islamic supremacists have been demanding more say with their agenda or else which understandably would make any non-Muslim upset.

The fact the Left end up defending Islamic supremacists and their Religion of Bigotry, while they end up pander to race hustlers in Ferguson is also humorous too or how they defend the President on the basis that he’s black and you just simply cannot stand a black guy as President as a lame response to any sort of criticism even with all the evidence of the crimes he’s committed in office.  The Left like to tolerate bigotry, and so therefore they must go after their own being Bill Maher, what does that say to any Atheist on the Left that wants to have an honest debate about religion and not just ridicule the Christians, the safe faith to ridicule and mock?

Imagine if an Atheist had an Atheist Mosque, boy they’d be in trouble by all the “moderate” Muslims.

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So It Appears The Race Hustlers Are Plotting Wide Spread Riots

Posted by mah29001 on October 28, 2014

That explains why there are Ferguson protests in Arkansas and likely more states will pop up with these sort of rallies that’d “end up getting out of hand” as the time goes by after the verdict doesn’t go in the race hustlers’ way.  Think about it, as a typical tactic from the Left to spread the lynch mob to other areas of the country.

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Uh Oh Another Leftie May Get Flap From Fellow Leftists Over Criticism Of Islam And Human Rights Abuses

Posted by mah29001 on October 26, 2014

Of course, Jon Stewart this time is following the same path Bill Maher is following on the Left with those on the Left suddenly realizing that Islamic supremacy doesn’t like human rights, of course it seems so typical that Iranian state run PressTV would deny human rights abuses ever take place in Iranian prisons.

Hey, must be okay for Iran to hang a rape victim then….

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Hell Freezes Over: Bill Maher States Michael Brown Was A Thug Behaving Like A Thug

Posted by mah29001 on October 25, 2014

And he is correct, gee I wonder what Obama and Rand Pandering Paul must be thinking about someone like Maher and not to mention Rand Paul’s papa who also came out to support the Ferguson rioters.

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Leftists Tryng To Have It Both Ways With Ebola: Made In The USA…And Fabricated For Corporate Profit

Posted by mah29001 on October 25, 2014

Which conspiracy theory is it that these Leftists are trying to prove? That’s right, Leftists with their race hustling counterparts that are not white are making up conspiracy theories about Ebola as the crisis continues in western Africa and in the USA.

They’re the kind of people that claim to be “investigative journalists”, but routinely make up conspiracy theories that go nowhere or sound inconsistent with each other.  If Ebola was allegedly made in a lab in the USA, why do the same Leftists then say the Ebola outbreak is fabricated then and then make the claim that the USA is trying to booster the military on the African continent?

Makes no sense at all, of course a Leftist views on Ebola makes no sense, their math is two plus two equals five or ten and they say both the answers of five and ten are right even though that’s not the case at all.  A Leftist will come up with two different answers, but not THE ANSWER.  In the Ebola episode that’s the obvious case to what the Left has done.

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Surprise! Russia Considered Weaponizing Ebola Not The USA!

Posted by mah29001 on October 25, 2014

Where’s the apology from the race hustlers and the Paulbots on this one? The answer is they’ll never apologize because they are anti-American.

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“Human Rights Groups” Rationalizing Islamic Supremacist Carnage In China?

Posted by mah29001 on October 19, 2014

Of course, the old saying from those on the Left the “moderate” Muslims in China are so “repressed” they must do harm to average Chinese people, that’s okay…

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Koch Brothers Leading The Anti-White Crusade In The Republican Party?

Posted by mah29001 on October 19, 2014

I got this ugly hunch that they’re doing it as a ruse to compete with their openly Leftist counterparts whom are already doing it.  The article in the link is from June, but it explains why the Republicans have candidates like Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Ben Carson among others whom favor open border and also favor embracing the Ferguson/St. Louis rioters.

It’s downright disgraceful and disgusting, should there ever be a reasonable reason to leave the Republican Party, THIS SHOULD BE THE REASON.  Why should you support the rioters in Ferguson or illegal immigrants just because they’re part of another ethnic group that’s going to be a voting block in that area?  Where is the reasons of right and wrong here?  It’s all about votes, not about what’s right and wrong.  It’s wrong to back rioters and defend illegal immigrants.

The fact that Democrats at least openly admit they embrace these ideas already, at least even though I don’t like it, it’s more honest than this two-faced approach that the Republican party is promoting.  It’s stupid, they should be backing a candidate that’d be attacking the Democrats for this nonsense but they’re not.  That Karl Rove sure knows how to choose his losers right like this.

Maybe all the idiotic Republican strategists can do is just hire some of these idiotic Leftist socialists/Communists on college campuses and then say to the Democrats: We’re just like you, see, we got some Leftists, some socialists, Communists backing our cause with the Koch brothers’ approval.

Uh, that might just happen.

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Just What We Need: Nigerian National Dies On Flight From His Home Country to JFK Airport

Posted by mah29001 on October 17, 2014

Hey Paulbots, Obama supporters, you really think Ebola is a laughing matter with this incident? Stop all flights from infected Ebola countries.  It’s no wonder why wRONg Paul’s son Rand Pandering Paul agrees with the race hustlers in Ferguson and St. Louis whom hate that sort of an idea.

This is a form of gross negligence, it is the perfect ruse to impeach Obama from office if this gets even worse which I speculate it can with adding the unions complaining about the protocols that they were okay after the fact, or how about reports of antibiotics being used and Ebola becoming drug resistant thanks to that?  Oh yea, that’s so “lovely”, that the Liberian national whom passed away took some and didn’t improve his condition at all.

But here’s one thing that you could do aside from stopping all flights, if nationals in the infected countries want to be cured, why can’t we setup a secured area for them to be healed on their own turf and leave us be?  That’d make more sense, it’d also make more sense to not send foreign healthcare workers to those hostile areas were the other locals have been spreading rumors about Ebola ranging from not existing, to being a “biological weapon” from the US government.  If there are locals that are smart enough that want to be cured from Ebola, they should be able to go to that secured area and NOT fly to this country for treatment on a passenger plane.

That’d make more sense and bring in confidence that the situation is under control.

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So The Tiny Island Nation Of St. Lucia In The Caribbean Bans Flights From Ebola Infected Countries

Posted by mah29001 on October 16, 2014

Oh, that’s so “racist” to do something like this, for a tiny nation to defend itself from Ebola.  If this country didn’t have idiotic race hustlers running around, restricting all flights from Ebola infected countries would have been the top priority.

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